Month: December 2012

Last Thoughts of 2012

I have a lot of thoughts as our calendar approaches 2013. My papa would have been 90 had he lived until then. As it was he died just prior to becoming 62. I still see him in my dreams. We do not talk much. But then he was a man of few words. Another thought […]

86’d at 86!

It was here that my mind said they missed a golden opportunity to pun around with death. I got there by following a link from friend Richard on Facebook. I remembered; confirmed that 86 has significance. Friend Jay on Facebook was mentioning that he would soon be the number 60. To which I responded “I […]

Gift From The Heart!

This is as true a story as I can ever write within the context of realistic fiction. I like to think that the spirit of the holidays is what brought this individual to offer me one of the most generous gifts I have ever received in my life. I tried to refuse at first but […]

Snow White Age 64!

I see that Peter Jackson is back to enjoying the good life. Apparently maintaining the sleek and fit look was just too much of a burden. Hopefully his once again shortened life is at least extremely enjoyable for him. I found a set of pictures that seem to best reflect America. At left I have […]

∞ & 0 !

Because today is 12/12/12 I am finding myself thinking about numbers. Especially the two that are representative of simple and important concepts. Everything and nothing. The everything or infinite is often represented by a fallen numeral 8 that looks like ∞. The other, nothing, is our deceptively familiar zero or 0. Regardless of how fast […]

UFO Make A Sonic Boom!

Normally I restrict my blogs to the plausible. But having come across talk about Montauk it made me think. Is it a coincident that aliens, UFO’s and time travel are all considered SF (science fiction)? Similar to RF (realistic fiction; like my blogs), SF is mostly concerned with putting a spin on reality, but in […]

Need Time To Live!

Sometimes I write just to blog. The thoughts currently running through me are about how we might be facing an apocalypse in just 3 weeks. For that is the end of the Mayan calendar. Yes folks this is the last month of the last year of the world as we know it. I am listening […]