Three Amigos and Halo4


PainFTW, FireFox3Rdy2Kil, and SiccaDenSicc got together last night for an incredible battle in Halo4. You will recognize my Xbox avatar in the middle. Both Pain and Sic (left and right) are my nephews, Chris and Denell, who both married into the family. I feel blessed being able to hang out with them on an alien world with them having my back as I do my best to watch theirs. Some may question my use of a female avatar, but she is pretty to look at and I enjoy shopping for her and outfitting her in various costumes. All of which is nearly meaningless now because Xbox only shows her in Social so you do not hardly ever see her anymore. Also I am not my avatar, just as I am not my body, but that is another story to be told elsewhere.

It started with a phone ringing in the middle of the night. I awoke as Betty jumped from the couch in a panic and ran rapidly to answer the phone. I gathered some senses and yelled “It’s probably Chris!” but she was nervously and loudly inquiring “Hello! Hello!” which no doubt scared Chris. I checked the number and assured her it was not an emergency. Chris and I have a deal that should I appear to be asleep (which I was) that he would ring the phone; which he did; it woke me up but with the unanticipated side effect of placing Betty into a panic.

We play on Legendary which with 3 in a co-op game works well. We only all died a few times and thus did not have to replay too many scenarios. There were some puzzles but we managed through them all. The best moment is the first time we all died and spontaneously belly laughed about it. This is life at its best, facing danger, dying, and being restored to life to try it all again. Maybe this is a fractal reflection of “real” life?

The play lasted until the wee hours of the morning. It is a rare event to get us together so I really treasure it. For me it was a great night with three amigos and Halo4!