Month: November 2012

We Beat Halo4!!!

This video just out! BTW we, the three amigos, beat Halo4 at Legendary level in co-op. We waited through the credits to see the special scene only available to those who played it at legendary. Then just before the face of Master Chief is shown, Pain’s controller shuts off! We were just discussing how it […]

Three Amigos and Halo4

PainFTW, FireFox3Rdy2Kil, and SiccaDenSicc got together last night for an incredible battle in Halo4. You will recognize my Xbox avatar in the middle. Both Pain and Sic (left and right) are my nephews, Chris and Denell, who both married into the family. I feel blessed being able to hang out with them on an alien […]

Déjà Vu!

My first impression was that we the people have paid a lot of our hard earned money into taxes to build the castles that house our courts. This is after the mandatory screening at the doorway to the Superior Court located at 800 North Humboldt Street in the city of San Mateo. It has a […]