Justice Cries

JusticeCrysThe sky is grey and wetness sheens the grass and ground. From trees come huge drops that splatter loudly on the cement pathway. Barely a drizzle makes each tiny speck of moisture a sensuous pleasure impacting my cheeks. My pace is slow as I dwell on the path I have taken.

A woman is sobbing behind some bushes to my left. I approach cautiously, peering through the leaves until I can see she is alone; head bent; tears flowing; moaning. “What’s wrong?” I ask with some concern; rustling through the bushes and maintaining some distance so as to not appear threatening. But she is startled; stays sitting upon the bench; hides her face in an elegant handkerchief; dripping wet with rain and tears.

I recognize her now, she is justice. She tells me her children have abandoned all that she has taught. Realization strikes; what I took to be a handkerchief was instead the wrap upon her eyes now removed; she is using it ineffectively; dabbing and adding even more moisture to the flow streaming from woeful eyes.

She complains that they play with words. Where before there was rich and poor; now corporations and low income. But caste is still present; indeed even more so than before. She points at me as did the ghost of future presence did to Scrooge. She utters “your blood is drained, they suck you dry”. I am taken aback. Perhaps this is not just a chance meeting.

The check is sent. Soon the confirming signatures will begin their journey. It is not enough to fax ones soul. They want evidence with which to convict. Stern and unrelenting. The vampires more rapidly deplete us of our livelihood. They drain us to the point of extinction. The abuse of power; foolishness and greed of attorneys and judges is why justice cries.

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