Reasonable Time!

MadJudgeIn younger times each breath taken was done so without any pain. Now there is something in the cough; breathing is strained by a pressure. Perhaps there is a medical term to best describe this symptom of having taken so many trips around the solar system; albeit just in the orbital plane of our mother earth. Most are grateful to reach my fine age in relatively good health. So why do I feel cheated?

The call came but a minute or two past 11 AM. It took a moment but finally the Judge was on the line. One could see his wolf’s smile as he smacked his lips; so easy to see with his voice that I would be his lamb chops. A panic “but” and immediately he is roaring. “Don’t ever interrupt me while I am speaking! Did you know you are not to interrupt a judge while he speaks?”.

“No your honor. I did not!” ever so humbly admonished this sheeple did bleat and ever so timidly.

He went on to deny our motion for continuance and after that I remember little. There was my frustration that whatever time left before trial on Monday is not enough. There is still the extension to this year’s 1040 that must be filed on the 15th as well. My head goes round in circles and with onset of dizziness it begins to throb. The nightmare continues and no one has come to our aid. The voluntary system of Pro Bono assistance is a broken promise and justice is indeed only for the rich, the poor be damned. Why could I ever have hoped otherwise?

We had rearranged our affairs. Yet no care is shared o’er the task of staying alive. No tear is shed for another sheep about to be fleeced. Eagerly they, all members of the IRS seek to refill the coffers drained by the rich. Judge Wolfe insists two day’s with which I, Pro Se prepare my case is reasonable time!