From the Dead

BackFromTheDeadIt has happened a few times already on Facebook. A friend that I know to be dead and gone has forwarded things he is still interested in. I am quite surprised to discover we have the technology to network with the dead. I just went to his Facebook page and at the top in small print it still says he “Lives in Denver, Colorado”. It is in fact where he lived for many years, but he was in process of moving to Baton Rouge, Louisiana when he met his untimely demise. Knowing Martin I am sure he will eventually email us about adjusting to being dead and all the marvelous and critical observations he has regarding the process.

However having it happen in October seems proper. After all we spend October thinking about magic, masquerades and death. Then celebrate all that on the last day; on Halloween; by giving treats or risk getting tricked. Halloween is the day before; the eve of “All Souls Day”; a special day on which to remember all who have died.

This has been quite the digression on what started off as a blog about taking time to do your backups. Its been too long on our systems but we have been lucky and have had no losses so far. Yes dead hard drives were the inspiration for this blog. That and the desire that when our systems die we can restore our loss with our backups and thus bring them back, from the dead.

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