Month: October 2012

Justice Cries

The sky is grey and wetness sheens the grass and ground. From trees come huge drops that splatter loudly on the cement pathway. Barely a drizzle makes each tiny speck of moisture a sensuous pleasure impacting my cheeks. My pace is slow as I dwell on the path I have taken. A woman is sobbing […]

Lost and Bloody Blog

Dark and dreary with plops of rain splattering the muddy sidewalks. Sharp impacts of cold wet droplets threatening to drown one should they look to the sky; the source of kamikaze spheres silently screaming as they die, with a splat! Brain is numb but conjures phrases first uttered by the likes of Poe or even […]

Deep In The Hole

“39 times!” she screamed. “You met with your accountant 39 times!” There was a wide-eyed wild incredulous look in her eyes. The queen’s mouth remained wide open long afterwards as if in a gasp. It was a stance practiced so much over the years that she now used it with royal; legal; pompous indignation. She […]

Reasonable Time!

In younger times each breath taken was done so without any pain. Now there is something in the cough; breathing is strained by a pressure. Perhaps there is a medical term to best describe this symptom of having taken so many trips around the solar system; albeit just in the orbital plane of our mother […]

From the Dead

It has happened a few times already on Facebook. A friend that I know to be dead and gone has forwarded things he is still interested in. I am quite surprised to discover we have the technology to network with the dead. I just went to his Facebook page and at the top in small […]

Greener Grass

Green is perhaps the most complex color. Our eyes can distinguish more shades of green than that of any other color. Why are we so sensitive to green? But I digress. My intent when I started this blog was to understand why envy is green. Mostly because I feel envious when I think about my […]