Shuttle Over Milpitas!

ShuttleAboveOurHouseI was flying in my private helicopter over my house trying to take a picture when the shuttle flew into my shot! Imagine my shock and surprise. The next moment I was struggling to keep my copter in the air as the turbulence from the near miss by that huge plane with the shuttle piggybacking nearly knocked me out of the sky! By the way I marked my house with the letter A in red just above the tails of the two craft.

After regaining my controls and some composure I followed the shuttle in its route over the Bay Area. Remembering that it would fly over the Golden Gate Bridge I changed course and flew up the west side of the bay; crossing over to 280 near Redwood City; until the reservoir began and then headed further west to Half Moon Bay. It was a remarkably clear day. Once above the western coastline I followed highway 1 up north. As I flew over the San Francisco Zoo I could easily see ahead of me the span of the Golden Gate Bridge just past the Presidio. I flew over the remains of the Cliff House and over the Presidio and positioned my copter to get a good shot of the shuttle passing by one of the spans of the bridge. I posted that photo in Facebook.

Remarkable things happen rarely and this is one I will never forget. Somehow most of those were also near-death experiences. But this one is quite fresh in my mind. The day I had a near-miss of mid-air collision with the space shuttle over Milpitas!

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