The Thing From Another Planet!

SwampThingIt rises from a bubbly and murky depth. Rubbing mud, grit and sand from its eyes; its blurry gaze attempts to understand the surroundings. This place is familiar; strange too as disorientation of being teleported leaves a nauseating influence upon its body.

It coughs and hacks in an attempt to remove some terrible taste at the back of its throat. A gag reflex takes over and spasms of uncontrollable retching begins. It lasts an indeterminable but very long time; finally subsiding.

Without warning a flood of memories; disjointed; displaced in time; bombard the creatures thoughts. It is drowning in a river of images; unable to discern which ones should be meaningful. It tries to identify those from its previous location; instincts tells it those are the ones to remember; the ones that fade away fastest.

It wanders about and stumbles into a bath room. Looking left it sees itself. “I’m human!” is its second thought; immediately prior was “What is that!?!”. It spends a moment moving various muscles and creating faces just to be sure. A thought of Harpo Marx and Lucille Ball doing the same provides doubt. Amazingly as those names appear he knows who he is. I am Geary Chopoff and still alive. In a flash all thoughts associated with his name flash in some additional space above his head. Much like those movies that show a different image every few fractions of a second. Yes a new day has begun.

We watched John Carter yesterday. It is a good picture that held our interest. I do not understand why it did so poorly in the box office. Sadly that most likely means no sequels. The DVD actually contained some background material. That is rare in a Netflix generated title. The analogy in the movie is based on the telegraph. Only his soul was teleported and that soul somehow materialized a new body for him on Mars AKA Barsoom while his actual body remained in a preserved though deathlike state back on Earth AKA Jarsoom. It is based on the story by Edgar Rice Burroughs called Princess of Mars.

That is the best I can identify the why of my thoughts this early Sunday. The where I was prior to waking is now unknown. However this experience happens frequently; daily. But today’s interpretation is that I am not who I think I am.

I am the thing from another planet!