Babble On !

NewsPeepThere is no end of things to blog about as long as one is willing to let every thought that springs to mind become an entry. Wow that is about as close to the truth as this blog has ever gotten! The thing that causes writers block and by association bloggers block is caring about what has been written. You dear reader do not know what pains some of us take to be sure it sounds good aloud.

Being able to speak my blog aloud points out how my voice is heard as you read these words. At least that is how it works for my head and I foolishly assume it to be same for yours. But I digress; back to my original point!

Yesterday was the last day I could submit a request (and the only such request I can apparently make) to delay my traffic court trial. I headed off to Redwood city and was quickly confounded that even at 11 AM when the roads have normally cleared up that instead it was bumper to bumper traffic on 237. After seemingly hours we got past the wreckage which was already being loaded unto two large trucks with beds that support the entire remains of the vehicles. I had a brief excursion at speed limit before another traffic jam while approaching 101.

At that point I remembered Endeavor and its piggyback ride through the bay area. We have all been through that creep forward, bumper to bumper, insane drivers cutting in and out at every few feet; traffic. Needless to say my journey took at least three times longer than expected.

Back in the very, very long line to see the traffic clerk I had much time to ponder all that I would need of her. There were at least 25 persons ahead of me and only one clerk position open. Of course there was a sign blaming it on the budget and that we should all practice patience and understanding.

I measured the time it was taking for each person. The very first took 10 minutes. Big sigh! At that rate I will be in line for at least 4 more hours before it was my turn. The next took 15 minutes. That meant the expected delay was now at least 6 hours! Well the place would close by 3:30 PM according to the guard but I was persistent and stayed my course as I very much needed to file my request today.

Long story made short. There was always only one clerk; except briefly when window 7 opened and window 1 was still open. But that lasted only a few minutes. Her name is Caroline; I confirmed the date of trial; asked about who will be judging my case; she said that is determined on the day of trial; there is no calendar; sadly there is no official form to do CV 107.6 with which to dismiss the judge; finally I would be informed by mail of the new trial date.

I now turn my babble off. Do not dismay. I am sure that within the next few days I will once again turn my babble on!