Good By All!

SheepleFear not! This is far from my swan song. Nor is there a spelling mistake in the title of this blog. This blog is an observation of what it takes to make a utopia. A place that everyone can agree upon as being fair and just. Or baring that at least approach one as best we can.

I have been viewing on YouTube a lot of “free” energy and thus perpetual motion machines that clearly defy existing laws of science. However should just one of them be real then those laws of science will need to be rewritten. In fact the situation exists already in science as the realm of the quantum is not easily mapped to our scale and the quest for TOE (Theory Of Everything) continues. But we are all made of that stuff and thus it stands to reason its strange affects are present even at our level.

My point about perpetual motion is that if your invention is classified as being one of that ilk a patent will not be granted. They are deemed impossible. Here I am making an analogy to people and their paradoxical desires.

People want to be social but they also want their privacy too. This is especially obvious on Facebook and Twitter, and has been with us since BBS’s first introduced the public to email and remote computing. Then the internet, wireless and microprocessor evolved to such a low cost that ubiquitous computing is now with us. That and the phenomenon of the latest generation adopting and posting intimate thoughts online for all to see has led to concerns about privacy.

We the Sheeple will seemingly follow any shepherd; good, bad or indifferent. The most important thing is to keep together; follow the rules; basically do not scare anyone or cause the flock to stampede. Thus civilization in all of its forms of being governed has survived in spite of there being no utopia. But governments are overthrown. Then the new ones gradually succumb to the bad that previous governments have done until once again the Sheeple can no longer take it.

Our own government, yes the United States of America is now succumbing to the belief that it can disregard what is good for its Sheeple. But we the Sheeple can see that it lies. Our economy is sound it says. We have no inflation it proclaims with statistical mumbo jumbo. We the Sheeple need once again to establish that we are not just the governed, we are the government! They are but our representatives. They have selfishly passed laws to keep what is good for themselves. Big mistake. They forgot it must not just be good by them and have them happy about it. Laws must always be good by all.