Fair T’ Well

toasterIn the midst of making supper our toaster died. It refused to make another slice of toast. In this it was most adamant which convinces me it was a mule in one or perhaps all of its former lives.

Immediately I became aware of how dependable and reliable it had been throughout nearly our entire marriage. It was one of our wedding gifts which we put into service when our little oven died. It had a cute lever and a knob hidden underneath; easily adjust to make consistent toast (on same bread) over and over again.

Alas due to its demise I was now on internet; researching a replacement. I found several acceptable models; went to Target; checked out what they stocked. They did not have the red one I actually wanted; I selected one that was built the best. After all we expect at least 30 years out of this toaster (by KitchenAid) as well!

This new one has 2 slots wide enough to do bagels but only 5 settings for toast. 1 is the lightest and 5 is the darkest. I tried 3 first but that was too dark for my whole wheat bread. Then I tired 2 and it was slightly too light. When Betty tried her white bread (set on 2) it came out perfect. She was impressed but I am frustrated. I can live with 2 but that means a slight re-toasting and me guessing as to when it is actually done. Needed is a selection for 2.5 (or 2.4 or 2.6); in twilight zone between 2 and 3!

While at Costco I came across a 4 slot version of the same brand (even at the same price!) with a couple of extra buttons as well; most notably 7 instead of 5 settings. I immediately returned the first to Target; explaining it was defective.

So far this new one is much better than the other. However it still lacks adjustability. We miss what we had and very much enjoyed with our original toaster; one now discarded to garbage can; with toast of “Fair T’ Well”.