Family Matters !

MariaSToday is once again labor day. But my mind is pulled to a place thousands of miles away by the question of a young girl who is a distant relative. Her name is Maria. She wrote to me because she wants to know more about her family. I empathize as I too wish to know more as well.

It brings to mind Uncle Frank who married into our family by way of Aunt Lydia. It was exciting to hear that he had written a book. We were all wanting to read it with expectations of stories now preserved in print about our family. But none of us were mentioned in it. Nor to my knowledge has anyone written about the Ignatieff or Chopoff side of the family tree. Except me. But our family is quite small and can trace our roots back but a few generations.

The branch I can tell her about is her mother’s; the Ignatieff. I leave it up to her papa to tell or put her in contact with someone able to tell that tale. However I can cover only a little for just a bit is all that I know.

We are into a modern era where we can use DNA to assist us in our search for long lost relatives. It is a fact that while the tradition has been to follow the father’s bloodline, it is only the women’s bloodline that brings forth the next generation. Both contribute to half the DNA; women are the side that form the branches which spring new limbs from which we all came. I am of course talking of a 4D snapshot of spacetime and how each of our lives spring from our mother as a separate limb. Being male I will never know their special feeling of being intimately connected all the way up the tree or how it feels to create my own branches. Also as I have no children I do not even feel that I have contributed in anyway to our tree and sadly I failed to create a living bond between our family and Betty’s.

I wish the world was different and that we were all trained to remember and honor our ancestors. The preservation in writing of how we got here should be kept in a sacred temple that we can pilgrimage to and once there meditate upon those who gave us our lives. They are why we are here and remembering them is important. We must make every effort ourselves to keep and pass on the stories that brought us into being and not allow it all to be washed away and forgotten. Women know this better than men. After all we are just the seed that makes a branch stronger and women are each a true branch of the tree of life. Men are but a single limb.

So Maria thank you for bringing to my attention  the only thing worth preserving and knowing about; family matters!