Civil War ?

civilwarI made it back alive yesterday, but not unscathed. It was a special day and I was hoping to see my sister Nina. I called but only got her answering machine; I sang my happy birthday wish to her upon it. Then I called Chalet Ticino; found out from Alex she was busy working. So I called her cell; she answered; I sang happy birthday; she said I had a wonderful voice then she corroborated she was staging. We made arrangements to meet next Saturday and celebrate her birthday at “Yeah!”.

I called mom to let her know our plans had changed. When mom answered it was obvious by her tone of voice that something was wrong. Apparently just before I called Alex had called Tina demanding that she immediately vacate their premises. The place mom and Tina are living in legally belongs to Nina and Alex. But we know it was bought with mama’s precious money!

Tina is far from being in the best of health. Tina is not working and has no money with which to move. She is very sick and suffering from at least three distinct causes. She does not need that kind of harassment from family! Tina’s tears brought tears to our mother’s eyes. Tina’s pain is being felt and shared by mama too. I told mom I called to let her know I was on my way and that we would not be seeing Nina today. She repeated it back in no uncertain terms and quite emphatically “We will NOT be seeing Nina today!”.

This dispute has been building now for years. Everyone I have and will mention, I love them all. I am also understanding of their viewpoints. However I do not agree with all and while wishing to keep myself outside this civil war I find I am unable to stop it.

My mom is living as best she can with what little she gets from Social Security and gifts from me, brother George and sister Nina. Her grandchildren also contribute something sometimes on their infrequent visits. Going into why mom has so little money now brings out fingers of blame and accusation. Some pointing at the very persons attempting to oust Tina from their roost. They in turn point and blame Tina. Our most poor and extremely ill sister!

I took mom to a coffee shop on 25th avenue. She wanted the same meal she had last week and also some vanilla ice cream. I tried the eggs benedict this time. Mom really enjoyed her food and took half of it back home for later. Half of all except the single scoop of vanilla ice cream which she devoured with a grin and a smile.

We got back to mom’s place and waited for 3:30 PM. Then we went to George’s house; which by now should be clear of attendees; so that Mom could deliver a present from her and one from Tina to his daughter that was celebrating her birthday on this same Saturday. I had specific instructions from Tina on how to open her present for our little niece. He has two daughters that live with George; neither of whom willing say “Hello” or show me any love. I love them despite their behavior.

We did not stay long. Shortly after arriving mama was crying again. She can no longer hold back the terrible pain she is feeling; nor the dam-bursting amount of tears. Mama is ill and her closest family is failing to come to her aid. This is more than a matter of money. This is killing her!

Must our mama die to be free of this stupid civil war?