Month: September 2012

Level Zero

I tell you now in English, but what I actually remember had no words. Only impressions and fleeting glimpses remain. Life began with nurturing warmth. I could feel myself grow and sometimes observe a golden red glow thru my eyelids. Warm hands would caress me through a thick blanket of soft skin; reassuring me when […]

Shuttle Over Milpitas!

I was flying in my private helicopter over my house trying to take a picture when the shuttle flew into my shot! Imagine my shock and surprise. The next moment I was struggling to keep my copter in the air as the turbulence from the near miss by that huge plane with the shuttle piggybacking […]

The Thing From Another Planet!

It rises from a bubbly and murky depth. Rubbing mud, grit and sand from its eyes; its blurry gaze attempts to understand the surroundings. This place is familiar; strange too as disorientation of being teleported leaves a nauseating influence upon its body. It coughs and hacks in an attempt to remove some terrible taste at […]

Babble On !

There is no end of things to blog about as long as one is willing to let every thought that springs to mind become an entry. Wow that is about as close to the truth as this blog has ever gotten! The thing that causes writers block and by association bloggers block is caring about […]

Good By All!

Fear not! This is far from my swan song. Nor is there a spelling mistake in the title of this blog. This blog is an observation of what it takes to make a utopia. A place that everyone can agree upon as being fair and just. Or baring that at least approach one as best […]

Soul Peak

There was a day that stands out in my memory as a pinnacle of anger. On that day I fueled my hatred with every ounce of my being. I felt intense heat; world seeped in red; every fiber of my being partook in rapture; each bit adding fuel to pyre. There was no funeral that […]

Fair T’ Well

In the midst of making supper our toaster died. It refused to make another slice of toast. In this it was most adamant which convinces me it was a mule in one or perhaps all of its former lives. Immediately I became aware of how dependable and reliable it had been throughout nearly our entire […]

Family Matters !

Today is once again labor day. But my mind is pulled to a place thousands of miles away by the question of a young girl who is a distant relative. Her name is Maria. She wrote to me because she wants to know more about her family. I empathize as I too wish to know […]

Civil War ?

I made it back alive yesterday, but not unscathed. It was a special day and I was hoping to see my sister Nina. I called but only got her answering machine; I sang my happy birthday wish to her upon it. Then I called Chalet Ticino; found out from Alex she was busy working. So […]