Ugly Rabbit


I posted picture on left in Facebook but got very little reaction to it. If you tilt your head to your right you should see something different. Maybe all you see is a puppy. However when I first saw the picture, all I could make out was some sort of deformed creature. Maybe it was an ugly rabbit? When I finally saw the puppy it made me wonder why it took so long for me to recognize it as such. At first I only saw a monstrosity where others probably just saw a cute puppy.

My health is of some concern. There are days when it seems impossible to go very long without having to lie down and rest. On other days I am able to do more. Some say hey you are over 60. It’s just old age. If this is what old age feels like I definitely want my youth and more importantly my health back.

I was happy to see an email from Tatyana today. She wrote back in Russian which I can read and understand quickly with the help of Google Translate. It may not be accurate but I believe by saying the same thing a couple of different ways I am able to clearly communicate my meanings to her. However the translate of what she says has me learning to read Russian better and is something I often discuss with my mom.

I am glad my blog is fiction. Too many people who have tried the path of truth are dead too soon. I have been watching a lot of YouTube lately because it has things that make me think. To me life is filled with tons of possibilities. However it has been proven that people lie. Perhaps the most memorable line I ever heard in my life was “follow the money”.

But it is not always money that is at the root of someone’s subversive activities. One could substitute a belief or the excuse that they are simply following orders. I do my best to live a simple and truthful life. However I have observed that there are people where power and control is more important and thus the truth and other’s rights are but things to be trampled upon.

It all boils down to how we want to live in this world. This illusion that seems so real. This place where even a cute puppy can at first seem to be an ugly rabbit.