Great Barbecue Time!

barbecueTimeLately I have been caught up in conspiracy theories. It is a fun game and right in line with questioning what is real. There are players out there with an agenda. It is a game that has lasted centuries if not millennia. Sometimes I am so caught up in thinking about what has been presented to me that I have to take a step back and rethink what is it in my life that is actually important?

So yesterday I went to see my mom. My brother had invited the both of us to his house for a barbecue. We arrived there about 1 PM and I was once again on time, as is my goal. George made me two hot dogs and toasted the buns. Nata scrounged up some yellow mustard and mayonnaise (both in a plastic pack like you get at fast food places) as well. They provided some fresh sliced cucumbers to which I added the mayo and potato salad in a large tub purchased from (where else?) Costco! Actually most of the meal came from there but no complaints as it was delicious and hit the spot.

Their eldest daughter asked me to teach her some chess so we played several games on her tablet. I questioned her why she was making the moves she made. Then I showed her the rational one needs to win. By the way I am willing to help anyone else wanting to learn or just play better chess mostly because I find a wonderful joy in watching the light come on as people gain an understanding.

While there I also got to practice speaking Russian as the girls grandma Luda is currently visiting from Moscow. The time there went swiftly by and I was ready to go home. They wanted mom to stay but she was too tired so I took her home lugging a bag of goodies from their barbecue.

When we arrived at mom’s home we were blocked by a car that we soon discovered belonged to Tina’s children who all came by to visit. She has been awfully sick lately and plans to see a doctor ASAP.

However I spoke to my mom today who said she was upset that Tina had an argument with her daughter after I left. I wish her children would understand their mother has been very ill for the past several days and while she was obviously extremely pleased to see them she was in absolutely no shape to be hospitable. I do pray that Tina will recover quickly and once again be well.

I do not have many readers of this blog and I inject these tales about my life so that they can keep up with what is happening. However even these tales are not real. Consider them more as well intended rumors than anything factual. Yes they are based on what actually happened. But my intent is to fictionalize them and bring to my reader’s mind my feelings which are occurring as I create and edit this piece rather than what actually happened at that time.

That is the important stuff in life. Being with family and enjoying one another’s company. Thank you George, Nata, Luda and the girls for inviting me and our mom Nadia to share a meal. We had a great barbecue time!