I Like Icke

i-like-ike-button-peaceOK so I did not even know who this guy was 2 days ago. Then as I was viewing recommended from You Tube on my Xbox I came across an interview, which lasted over an hour and through which I slept some. However he believes in what he is saying. He pronounces his last name as Ike. My title reference is from the late 50’s when General Eisenhower ran for and got to be president of the United States mostly with “I Like Ike” buttons. He was well loved but had Richard M. Nixon as his VP.

What resonated with me was Icke’s message. It is the same message that comes from all who wish to live in a better world. The first step is to recognize that reality is really something other than what it seems. Yes this is crazy talk. But to truly know where one is, one must question ones surroundings.

I had an opportunity some years ago to visit a facility that housed certifiably crazy people. I had seen “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” and thus believed to be certain of what to expect. However what I experienced was ever the more frightening. I spoke to and was unable to discern any craziness whatsoever from most individuals that were there. However I was allowed to leave while they were definitely being detained. The fact that they were determined to be harmful to themselves and/or society made me realize what cleverly hidden predators they were. It would be better if all crazy people behaved as if something were wrong with them. Because they do not it makes one doubt ones own sanity. But then that supposedly is a healthy thing to do.

They were stuck to the ground as if two magnets were pulling them to the floor. He then heard a voice in his head say: "Go and look at the books on the far side." His immediate thought was: "What the hell was this all about"?

Some of what he describes actually happened to me. I still vividly remember being ten and going with my sister Nina to the dentist on Ocean Avenue. We had just got off a street car unto an island in the middle of the street. I walked up to the crosswalk, turned left and just as I was about to step off the island something remarkable happened. I froze as what sounded like a choir of angels commanded me to stop. The very next instant I felt two bumps, one near my knee and the other just above my left elbow as I was grazed by a car painted red and white. After that I heard the others on that island yelling for me to stop. Naturally I was by then in shock. That is my memory and to this day I have no good explanation for where those other voices came from and how they saved my life. I am confident that at the speed that vehicle was travelling that had I taken that step then I would have died that very day.

So I watched his interview and wanted to know more about Icke and his views. Thus I did further research this morning on the internet. Naturally he has a website and because he is an author, he makes his money by selling books and giving lectures. None of what he says is original, but then he like others before him are travelling the same paths. I do not have to agree with all that he says, but I do agree with the methods. He seems to be intelligent and slightly befuddled. If anything he uses a lot of negativity in describing how to best shift ones harmonics to the heart instead of the gut. We are indeed incredible beings. However some of the things he says might be wrong. Yet anyone who preaches for peace without using violence is giving us a great message. That is why today I like Icke.