Month: August 2012

Stranger Still

Yesterday was hectic. I had forgotten that Betty wanted me to attend the retirement fair and as it so happens it is on the same day that I made an appointment to meet with David. Nevertheless I would somehow do it all. So off I went at 11 AM sharp to meet with David at […]

I Plead Not Guilty!

It was a week for firsts last week. The unexpected guilty verdict for my trial by declaration (TBD) with regard to a citation citing only California Vehicle Code 21461a as my alleged violation had me making a trip to Redwood City. First I wished to obtain the prosecutions evidence against me and then file for […]

Based On Truth?

Much of what happens to me appears here. However the manner in which I tell it is to turn it into fiction. That allows me to say what transpired in words of my choosing without restriction. No need to deal with such a silly thing as being truthful about it. After all I am not […]

Ugly Rabbit

I posted picture on left in Facebook but got very little reaction to it. If you tilt your head to your right you should see something different. Maybe all you see is a puppy. However when I first saw the picture, all I could make out was some sort of deformed creature. Maybe it was […]

Great Barbecue Time!

Lately I have been caught up in conspiracy theories. It is a fun game and right in line with questioning what is real. There are players out there with an agenda. It is a game that has lasted centuries if not millennia. Sometimes I am so caught up in thinking about what has been presented […]

Is That Really Me?

A consequence of questioning reality is becoming aware that the image that we hold of ourselves is usually different from how others think of us. I have often heard people comment on a photo saying how awful they look. What they mean to say is “Wow I look fat!”. The common excuse is that a […]

Define Fiction

We have a new religion. It is called the internet. We use the high priest of Google, Yahoo, Ask, Bing and others to answer our questions. We trust in it because we know that all the other practitioners have the same faith. Our trust is based on how can millions be made to believe any […]

I Like Icke

OK so I did not even know who this guy was 2 days ago. Then as I was viewing recommended from You Tube on my Xbox I came across an interview, which lasted over an hour and through which I slept some. However he believes in what he is saying. He pronounces his last name […]