The Games Have Begun!


Last night we tolerated a lot of commercials on NBC to see the opening ceremony for the 2012 Olympic games. This is the drawback to some forms of free. Because it is far from free. Yes we can record and fast forward to the parts that are of interest. But we are working to get the experience we want instead of being delivered it. Also the advertisers know this and have for some time now made sure their advertising is present even during the show. It is a matter of what we will tolerate. But of course we can just refuse to watch. Better to be there in person if one can.

Today I will attend Betty’s company picnic instead of visiting with mom. I have done my best to remind mom and she in turn has helped me remember the picnic. I’ve missed quite a few of these in the past so I figure it is time to attend one again. I might see mom on Sunday, it all depends on how well I survive today’s picnic.

The main star from the USA is Michael Phelps. However it does not look good. He started too late in training and younger and hungrier athletes are wanting the same medals. He already has his $40 M for goodness sake! I will really be surprised if he manages to get even a bronze medal. The fire is missing from his eyes. He will need to remember how much he wanted to win and believe it again before he even has a hope of medalling. He is fortunate to be in the very last spot of his first event.

It is the Olympics that inspire dreams. The dreams that demonstrate the fiction we all live in. There is that element of reality that there can only be one gold medalist. The other medals only mean something to those countries and people who otherwise have none at all. Yet even though it is one of the dreams that we all pursue, eventually we act as observers and collapse the quantum wave front of indecision by seeing who is the gold medalist and recording it for posterity.

But what we observe is just the universe that we have slipped into. One shared by millions but there are billions of others. In fact for every Olympic hopeful there is a universe in which they are the gold medal winner. Yet in all the other universes it is someone else. Regardless of how much the odds seem stacked against you, if you believe and visualize the universe you want to be in, the universe will guide your being to be there. The time to start is now for the games have begun!