Skyrim is 100% Complete!

Skyrim100PercentIt is now official. I have all of the achievements and have thoroughly tested and analyzed Skyrim. The last couple of weeks have been somewhat artificial as I grinded the level of my character to 78. I needed to do this for the Kill a Legendary Dragon achievement. It is practically unobtainable and is needed to complete the game. There are over 4000 saves. I kept a total of 5 GB containing a sampling of the characters and levels I researched. They record many different styles of play and types of characters I investigated. Overall the game itself was enjoyable and played well but I did run into numerous bugs which detracted from the experience and added a level of frustration that also diminished the fun.

I was nearly complete when Bethesda decided to rollout Dawnguard. This added several achievements and prevented me from claiming a completed game, even though the day after it came out I had at that point completed all the up to then achievements and had not yet purchased their DLC. I would have preferred to see a separate set of achievements and completion for Dawnguard itself and not have it tied to the originally released and supposedly stand alone game.

It is my hope that I can apply many of the things I learned while researching this game as part of my own business. Now is the time to determine how to apply it and where my focus should be next. Many real issues impacting my business and life are seeking my attention.

But for now the important thing is that Skyrim is 100% Complete!