B i g – H i – A t – U s !

Road GapI noticed that a lot of blogs I follow have stopped updating. Hiatus has a few different meanings depending on context. The most interesting is that it describes an interruption in time. A gap.

Yesterday was Saturday and as is my habit I visited mom. While there my sister Tina wanted to bounce some ideas off me. It concerned facebook in particular but also a few other sites all of which I am mostly unfamiliar with. The crux is she wants them to change to better suit her way of doing things. To add something that it does not do yet. Or maybe to better integrate with some other sites that complement each other. It is her invention but she is willing to let it go for free if she just knew who to talk to.

The simple answer is to talk to the person in charge of designing the web page. Nearly every web page acknowledges and in fact encourages one to contact or has a developer support that allows modification of how a website acts. But to pursue ones dream one must try every possible route. Beware of negative thinking. Anything with NO or NOT in it is often a self built obstacle, especially prior to actually trying it.

Positive attitudes are best maintained by phrasing what you wish to say in a way that clearly states what it is you want to accomplish. However we have been trained in the “NO” and often confuse ourselves by asking two sides of a question, the “NO” and the “YES” separated by “OR”. The easiest answer to such questions is “Yes!”. Which also perplexes the questioner who assumed one would respond differently.

To summarize and a most roundabout way of getting to my point is hooray to those of us still maintaining their blogs. I sincerely hope those that have neglected theirs will soon return. In the meanwhile for those still blogging this is a Big Hi At Us!