Happy in Hawaii!

2007feb22GearyInHawaiiSometimes it is good to remember ones past. In this picture I am somewhere in Hawaii. The date is 2007, February 22. I am very happy as one can easily see from that dopey smile on my moon face. It is what my papa use to call me. He would laugh and call me “Hey Moon Face!” and laugh again. It hurt that he thought I was too fat. Mama would try to protect me and yell something at him in Russian. Neither he or my mom were fat and they did not understand why I was. But those thoughts were at most a distant noise in the back of my mind as a warm Hawaiian breeze mussed my hair and my thoughts then were of how good life can be.

I did not choose to be fat. However my food choices were ignorant ones that were guided by my sense of taste. Food is pleasurable and I made sure to eat a lot of what made me feel good. However more than quantity it was the fact that deserts have so many calories that did me in.

When I was just in the first few years of school I remember that my favorite food was dunking chocolate covered donuts into milk which I had added Nestle Quik and sugar to. In fact I remember I use to add so much sugar that there would be a layer of about a half inch at the bottom of the glass slushing about that could not dissolve in the milk as it was already saturated! But such was the power of that drug called sugar that eventually I could not make anything sweet enough.

I think it was in the 3rd or 4th grade that I discovered people could change. There was another boy in our class who was fat like me. We had just come back from summer vacation when I saw he was now skinny and no longer fat. It was a shock. However not enough of one for me to change. I was still a kid. I did not know how to change though I did want for it to happen. Yes it made an impression. Later I would discover that exercise and counting calories really works. However that was not until I was well into my 50’s. Also you do not need to overdo it. As little as 3 half hour days of exercise consisting of walking at 80% of your max heart rate will get you to health, less fat, and more muscle in a short time. I had to add some weights to what I carried as I walked after awhile to keep my heart rate high enough.

However to this day I have not solved my condition. I do my best to watch what I eat and how much. But there are lapses when the food tastes so good that I binge. Then because our bodies store things quickly but burn them off slowly, it can be weeks before I am able to correct for that binge.

Life is hard. Too many issues? Just take a vacation! Go be happy in Hawaii!