Wandering Everywhere

Albatros(Play this as background.)
Life would be simple if we were simple. But we are quite complex. Somehow all the divergent bits that have come together to makeup you and me is literally mind-blowing. Even our brains have two personalities that influence our logic and creativity. It is a real wonder that we seem to have just one voice.

I awake. My first challenge is remembering who I am and then where I am. This is everyday and no its not because I got drunk the night before. Though I do know of people who keep themselves inebriated for most of the day every day. The mechanism that allows me to think is constantly distracted by fleeting thoughts that appear from no discernable source and sometimes persist. We have all had those tunes that appear to run in our background until we begin to take desperate measures to bring them to an end, or at the very least change the tune.

Fortunately the waking up process does not take long. However maintaining focus on what I wish to accomplish in a day can be quite difficult. Habits and routines get us through most of the necessary steps. Many years ago when I was an employee the daily trip to work would bring to mind the things I would need to do there. The meetings and other tasks that justified my paycheck. After all I wanted to feel I earned what I was paid.

Things do get done through all the chaos. However one begins to understand the necessity of meditation. An exercise for the brain that benefits us as much as physical exercise allows us to be better at sports. We do this by putting our focus on what we want without using any negative words. Say what you want. Never use what you do NOT want!

For example, I say, “I want to be healthy!” but never “I do not want to be fat!”. Why? Because when you focus on fat you stay fat. However when you think about health and how to be healthy, you become so. Providing you actually do things that get you to be healthy. Often it is as easy as choosing an apple or other fruit over a chocolate or candy.

First start it. Then work on focus. Otherwise you will find yourself drifting off on some tangent with your mind wandering everywhere!