Play By The Rules

ChessIt has come to my attention how fragile our world is. For a long time I have expounded upon unalienable rights. But lately I am thinking of the fundamentals. It is still an eye for an eye world. Corporations practice taking advantage of the consumer. So do the governments. Naturally the world is so complex it is all I can do to make sense of it all and keep living for the next day.

Working with computers is much simpler. There are established rules of logic. Providing the hardware is not broken, one can determine why a program does something other than what it is expected to do. We call that behavior “Bugs” and the fixing and thus removal of same “Debugging”.

If only the real world would comply. I watched the Ascent of Money about our new found nation of Chimerica. The combined union of China and America in a scratch my back and I’ll scratch your back scheme. We borrow the money from China and buy their goods with it. They maintain a good ratio of their Yuan to US Dollars. The program made me realize just how connected we are to one another.

Also going on is we are trying to refinance the house. But as we approach our 2nd meeting (the 1st was called off due to a misunderstanding in terms) I am finding more sneakiness on the part of the lenders. This obviously stems from people and their need for greed. But then it is that kind of world. The laws and rules are but guidelines. We still need to understand what it is we are getting ourselves into.

No matter what someone verbally promises you, make sure that it is properly spelled out in the contract. Relying on someone’s word is not good enough. The only good thing about government is its power to assist you when you have been legally wronged. The bad part is it makes up the rules. So it is very important to know what the current rules are in order that you can play by the rules!