Be Only Many

OldManNormally I attempt to make an upbeat blog. One that makes you think. A revelation of how I see the world. This is my fiction of where I live that others misidentify as reality. But lately I find myself flowing through too many days without accomplishing all the things on my plate. In fact I find myself often weary. Downright aching and tired.

But of course I have a theory for this. Some would call it getting old. The association between the onset of these symptoms and the number of years one has existed no doubt is correlated. That is to say it is our inability to effectively rebuild ourselves that causes the distress of not having enough energy and the need for taking a nap during the day to recharge.

A less damaged body is able to sustain a greater degree of abuse. However as time goes by so does the accumulation of scars that do not heal and cells that are unable to be repaired or replaced. The side affect is hair that turns grey and then white, skin that is wrinkled and an odor that identifies us as being old. All these are in fact symptoms of diseases that are cumulatively related to our eventual demise.

All we need to do is survive until the next breakthrough. The one that extends our time on earth by another 5 to 10 years. There is evidence that our children with modified DNA could live to be 240 before everything fails. Our own life expectancy has been extended to nearly double the 40 years that was the norm up to about 250 years ago.

We have reached our current level of life expectancy of living to 75 more by accident than by design. However many groups are now working on regenerative medicine and looking at aging differently. No longer is it something that just happens. Now it is something that we wish to cure.

It is more that I wish to be alive tomorrow and the day after, than that I want to be immortal. For having an immortal body is still in the realm of science fiction. However surviving a disease and regaining ones health is well within the realm of the possible.

Thus do not behead me highlander. You may desire to be the only immortal. For your kind it is stated that there can be only one.

it is my hope that for the rest of us, we are very long lived and can be only many!