Fire Works!

FireWorksIt is difficult to ignore the upcoming fourth of July holiday. Some question why we use fireworks for celebrating our freedom. Our new generation has even added this song to the festivities. Which I am sure will join these standards for at least a while.

The power just went out and I needed to help Betty try to recover something of what she had been working on. Unfortunately it was very little and she is not happy about that. I was a bit more lucky in that the first paragraph of this blog was still there!

It reminds me that I never got around to replacing that backup power supply that would have prevented the loss on my system. Of course I have never gotten around to adding one to Betty’s either. I best add them soon! It is hard to remember to do so when power is up nearly 99.9% of the time.

We build our civilization based on change. My history lessons with regards to the fall of the Roman empire is how Nero fiddled while Rome burned. When the earthquake struck San Francisco in 1906 it was not the shaking that destroyed the city but the fires that could not be put out due to broken water mains. We will know that change is coming to our own empire because fire works.