Month: July 2012

The Games Have Begun!

Last night we tolerated a lot of commercials on NBC to see the opening ceremony for the 2012 Olympic games. This is the drawback to some forms of free. Because it is far from free. Yes we can record and fast forward to the parts that are of interest. But we are working to get […]

Skyrim is 100% Complete!

It is now official. I have all of the achievements and have thoroughly tested and analyzed Skyrim. The last couple of weeks have been somewhat artificial as I grinded the level of my character to 78. I needed to do this for the Kill a Legendary Dragon achievement. It is practically unobtainable and is needed […]

Where Am I Now?

Too Loud! The ringing woke me from a deep sleep. I did not answer the phone as I was still too groggy. Nor did whoever so rudely awaken me leave a message. This was yesterday. I remember it today as once again, but not as dramatically I was awoken from my slumber by Betty. It […]

B i g – H i – A t – U s !

I noticed that a lot of blogs I follow have stopped updating. Hiatus has a few different meanings depending on context. The most interesting is that it describes an interruption in time. A gap.   Yesterday was Saturday and as is my habit I visited mom. While there my sister Tina wanted to bounce some […]

Happy in Hawaii!

Sometimes it is good to remember ones past. In this picture I am somewhere in Hawaii. The date is 2007, February 22. I am very happy as one can easily see from that dopey smile on my moon face. It is what my papa use to call me. He would laugh and call me “Hey […]

Wandering Everywhere

(Play this as background.) Life would be simple if we were simple. But we are quite complex. Somehow all the divergent bits that have come together to makeup you and me is literally mind-blowing. Even our brains have two personalities that influence our logic and creativity. It is a real wonder that we seem to […]

Play By The Rules

It has come to my attention how fragile our world is. For a long time I have expounded upon unalienable rights. But lately I am thinking of the fundamentals. It is still an eye for an eye world. Corporations practice taking advantage of the consumer. So do the governments. Naturally the world is so complex […]

Be Only Many

Normally I attempt to make an upbeat blog. One that makes you think. A revelation of how I see the world. This is my fiction of where I live that others misidentify as reality. But lately I find myself flowing through too many days without accomplishing all the things on my plate. In fact I […]

Fire Works!

It is difficult to ignore the upcoming fourth of July holiday. Some question why we use fireworks for celebrating our freedom. Our new generation has even added this song to the festivities. Which I am sure will join these standards for at least a while. The power just went out and I needed to help […]