Theft of Time

TimeThiefI went to Costco yesterday to re-purchase two Canon A1200 digital cameras. At the spectacular price of $69 each and the features I wanted they were simply a must have. This price is at least $10 less than I could find anywhere else. They are to replace the shipment I had ordered online and supposedly received on Monday at 11:55 AM according to UPS. However I was home at the time and no one rang my doorbell and as best as I can determine no shipment was on my porch went I went to lunch about 1 PM. The next day I called and complained to Costco. Jeff said those were the last two so they could not replenish my order. However they did refund my money.

But I really wanted the cameras. So yesterday off to Costco I went to double check if it was available locally. To my surprise I saw one on display! However I could not find any in a box. Their assistant told me that if they sold me the demo there would be no discount. Additionally there were 6 cameras at the Costco on Sentre near Tully road near San Jose so I went there.

This time I could not even find the demo let alone the boxes. I called for assistance and they told me it was in their warehouse and no longer on display. So I immediately bought two. I was going to get one black and one silver, but all the black models were gone. So two silver cameras are now mine. One is a backup for the one I will mostly keep with me for business reasons.

I called the Milpitas police to inform them of suspicious activity in the neighborhood. UPS is supposedly running a trace but it could be 3 weeks before they determine what happened. As Officer La (no W!) pointed out I am not the victim as I am getting my refund, but if it was stolen off my porch then someone had trespassed to do so! He filled out a report and one of these days I should get a copy.

It concerns me that there are so many options to not prosecute the culprit should it have indeed been stolen off my porch. Naturally I want to prosecute.

Whose to blame? At the very least UPS is responsible. But with insurance and at such a low cost I believe it is merely petty theft. However I did my duty and let our system of justice know that something is wrong.

I am not sure what I might have prevented by doing so. I do know that it has affected me at the very least by adding an additional burden of time to procure what I had thought was already mine. Not only do they have two cameras that would have been mine, they have stolen the time I spent purchasing and waiting for them. Yes not just a theft of property, it was also a theft of time.