Another Night With Rich

2012jun25GearyAtFRYsI have not been feeling well as of late. All my body does is tell me I am ill. I break into a sweat and then I have the chills. There is no recourse other than rest and then for a time I am well again.

Last night I went to see my friend of many years Richard. We have been meeting for dinner and doing odd trips since the 1970’s and the onset of the Homebrew Computer Club. Richard is still friends through Lena with Lee Felsenstein best remembered as the moderator of HCC. We stopped at Fry’s after dinner because all of the bookstores we use to frequent are gone.

When I got home I tried watching the great game SF Giants were having against Dodgers (G won 8-0). But I felt so ill and sweaty I apologized to Betty that I just had to go lie down. She of course wanted to know what was wrong, but all I knew was I was ill and needed to rest. Not that I felt tired. I felt sick and wanted to get unconscious so my body could repair itself. Which thankfully it did.

It was nice seeing him again. The time together went by too fast. In no time at all we had been to Outback, Fry’s and then I was dropping him off at the BART so he could catch his ride home.

These are the adventures in my life and unfortunately I did not take any pictures of us at HCC. They are just memories. For a time I thought it would go on forever. The exciting times where no one knew what would be. Now the rate of change seems to have slowed. While innovations still come in my field things are mostly as they were about 10 years ago. Though one could argue the technology has improved, the human interface is still as sluggish or even more so than before. Even a lot of our civil rights have disappeared. So much so that manuals have been transformed. I just got my 55 pages of AT&T Legal Guide! Something that I would not read even when it was only 1 page.

Today I literally took steps to getting better. I went for a long walk. It’s a good start and all I need to do is follow it up with the same effort I applied a few years ago. Remembering that it’s best to start slow and increase effort when it becomes easier I took a long but shorter than what I expect to walk route. Also I went without adding any weights. Normally I will carry at least a 10lb dumbbell in each hand.

Lately I do not go out at night. We spend the evening as couch potatoes until falling asleep with the HD screen as our nightlight. So I really do miss the times that Richard and I shared. But we see each other less often now. Hopefully it won’t be as long as last time until I spend another night with Rich.

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  1. Aren’t both you and Rich on the PBS video on the pioneers of Silicon Valley? I have a VHS copy of that.

  2. Yes, our images are streaming off to curious aliens galaxy-wide at the speed of light! However I have no still images of HCC with us in it. How sad.

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