Fund a Mental

1957-GearyFilmstrip72dpiI love playing with words and concepts. My friend Judy once remarked on my remark able ability to create so creatively! That and an innate sense of pattern that has served me quite well with rhythm and rhyme and algorithm too. As I was born under a lucky star and with a shirt on my destiny was already carved in ice cream and donuts. Great things would happen in my life and so far that has been true.

One must never regret the trail that led one to where one is. However it is possible to change that trail. We do it all the time. But that is for a different blog. Here I am concerned with just which concepts are the most axiomatic. Which ones can we place as a building block for understanding how we communicate with ourselves as well as with others.

My wife frequently reminds me that it takes two to tango as well as argue. However while doing the tango by oneself is perhaps not a tango, I can certainly see one arguing with oneself.

Often as an inventor we must see both sides of an idea. The pro and the con. However I agree that these types of exercises can be difficult and usually it is better to enlist a separate opinion than to attempt to use your own for both sides.

So I propose that someone like Stephen Wolfram with large sums of money ready to be applied to innovative ideas, grant me a grant so that I can focus my time on finding those concepts that are indeed fundamental. A sum in the region of $100M to $250M should be adequate. For my thinking is different, some say I am mental. Yes Steve fund me!

Grant me a grant and fund a mental!