Blind Sighted!

BlackCircleGlassesAfter the fact it is easy to say “I saw that coming!”. I have lived through so many tragedies that I wonder how the world manages to survive. Is it our collective belief that it absolutely has to that allows for us to continue?

The big lie is what I call WWD2 (World Wide Depression II). The first Great Depression (WWD1) started in 1929 and this one began on September 11, 2001. The lie is that what we are all experiencing is “only” a recession. The Great Recession started in 2007 and WTC1_redLinesbecame WWD2 the moment the first tower of TWC collapsed. I will not go into the impossibility of the explanations (lies) for that and the other collapses with even more oddities from that day because it is much too long for my short blog. However I am not alone in my opinion regarding WWD2. Thank god that there a few other people using their brains who can see what is in plain sight!

Some of this blog is due to watching yesterday the documentary Inside Job. It is an insightful piece that those still in power will do their best to discredit.

In conclusion, the explanations of the collapse that have been given by the 9/11 Commission Report and NIST are not physically possible. A new investigation is needed to determine the true cause of what happened to these buildings on September 11, 2001. The destruction of all seven WTC buildings and especially WTC1 and WTC2 may be considered the greatest engineering disaster in the history of the world and deserves a thorough investigation.

The point of this blog is you cannot legislate safety. The moment you hand your power over to someone else, they can and will take advantage of you. Worse the powers that be know this and have actively worked at eliminating whatever rights you think you have. But what can we do when they kill our presidents, our leaders, and innocent people on planes and in buildings just to create fear and a lever with which they use to eliminate the freedoms so many of our ancestors have died to secure. How is it we can all watch the same event occur and not even question a blatant impossibility?

We have been blind sighted!