Grandpa’s Day

GrandpaIvanConstantineChopoffThis is Grandpa Ivan Constantine Chopoff. It was told to me that he went to a secluded monastery when he was very young. It was so secluded that one could only access it via a rope that was lowered down to bring up or send down people and supplies. Later he joined the Russian Orthodox church. They allow their priests to marry. He was responsible for a church in Harbin, China. My papa said it was near a river and during a flood the church and their home was destroyed. However Grandpa Ivan rebuilt and stayed there until he died in 1956.



1921 George Ignatieff

This is Grandpa George Ignatieff. Not much is known about him. The last time mama saw him was in Mongolia where he left all his children in the care of their Grandma. I was told he was a fur trader. We lost him during WW II. He was married to Anna. Mama tried to go see her in the 80’s. Unfortunately by the time she arrived with her sister Lydia they were told their mama had died just prior to their arrival.


Someday we may know more about our family. That’s assuming the DNA trail is accurate and the world shares what it knows about our past. In the meantime all that information is rapidly disappearing. These photo’s are extremely rare. They are originating sometime before 1930 I believe. The one of Grandpa George had Grandma Anna next to him (that’s her on the far left of photo, or at least her left arm).

I was digging through old photo’s looking for a good one of my papa. But then I remembered that I recently did a blog on him. So I thought of his papa and of course my mama’s papa as well. For they are the fathers responsible for us being here. Wherever you are now I wish you both a Happy Grandpa’s Day!