Blogger’s Block!

ayumi-hamasaki-3What to do? Oh whatever can I do? It seems I’ve said it all. Everything that I have wished to touch upon has been covered. I have even found an instance of repeating a blog title. Of course the meat of the blogs themselves are quite well chewed and now I am finding tons of time just slipping away.

Tomorrow will be father’s day. But today is just the day before. It is like becoming a father someday but just not yet.

My children are the ones I have taken time to mentor. Some acknowledge my assistance. Others seem to not care an iota for the effort I put forth in showing them their own path. But many have accomplished the deed and most of those we will greet with a “Happy Father’s Day!” on the morrow.

It is a struggle to allow even these few words to be blogged. They will add to the electronic tome made up of mental scraps over two years of time. I scan other blogs and see they too have an issue with maintaining fresh content.

The fiction that I present here is a mere glimpse of how my life is. Tinted through my senses and tempered with the knowledge that all that is said can be used against one. So much for “free” speech or “free” anything else for that matter.

I’ve let the thoughts flow and as expected there are indeed words within this blog. But where is the theme? Can it really just be blogger’s block?