It Seems Faster!

RoadRunnerI have put so much time into analyzing Skyrim that an analogy has sprung to mind. Perhaps you have heard it said that as you get older time goes faster. Somewhere I saw an estimate that by the time you are 60 it is going by twice as fast. My analogy is the time it takes to place things into a container in Skyrim. At the beginning of the game when you get a house your containers respond quickly to store commands. A single store takes less than a second. However as you level up in the game and continue to store more and more items the time it takes to store each individual item takes longer and longer until quite a few seconds go by before you are able to store the next item.

I believe the same thing happens to our brains. But the reason we do not notice it directly is because it has slowed down our response time. Thus the external world seems to be going by faster as we try to deal with it. I am trying to say that how we link together seconds is affected by the amount of actual time we have to perceive those seconds which apparently can only be done while we are not processing something else in our brain. That processing is taking longer because there are that many more things to take into consideration.

There is a similar analogy I have on how the world shrank since we were babies and also how our parents and their friends became younger as we became older. It is all linked to our brain and the processes it uses when we think.

Life is passing by at exactly the same pace as when we were young. The world only seems smaller. Our parents and friends are aging right along with us and most importantly a kiss is still a kiss. It is just how we think and compare the external to our internal models that has changed.

So time is really ticking at the same rate, though now it seems faster.