So Psykhic Physick

FortuneTellerI listened to several different versions of Fortune Teller before changing the title of this blog. Mostly because I am trying to convey a very simple idea that all of science is based on. The ability to predict the future. This would mostly be in physics dealing with the physical but any statistically significant repeatable experiment is worthy of being called science.

For example you are watching a movie and the occupants drive by a sign that has been knocked down and POV is panned to fallen sign showing “Warning: Bridge Out” which of course they do not see. The car is travelling at very high speed. Already in your mind you see what will happen. Seconds later Hollywood does not disappoint and provides a slow-motion display of car and occupants sailing into the air and plunging to a watery grave.

Are we all psychic?

Maybe. But realistically we have become all too familiar with our world and know what to expect in certain situations. Other cases might be harder to predict but can still have its probable outcome foretold. This is often the case with statistics. It is a science which one can use to make predictions but only when applied to large groups and fails as sample size falls below 1000 and percentage of population sampled is less than 1% (larger sample and population is best).

The world is still reeling from WWD (World-Wide-Depression). Many people have lost or are still at risk of losing their homes. This was brought to my attention recently by my Mom who has been living in a house that has been up for a short sale for a long time now. The situation has changed as the bank that held the loan has apparently sold it now to a different bank. So it is unclear how much longer she will be able to stay in the property which she is sharing with one of her daughters.

She was crying on my shoulders yesterday because she really does not want to move. She sobbed that she hoped she would be dead before having to do so. Mom (better known as Grandma and Great-Grandma to the rest of the family) is focusing on what she fears rather than on all possible solutions. However it is easy to cloud ones mind to those solutions when emotionally involved and thus not being able to detach yourself and plan on what to do next.

We are not yet to the bridge and can possibly alter course to avoid that flight to what seems certain doom. As long as there is life there is hope. Mom there is no need to make yourself so Psykhic Physick!