Month: June 2012

Theft of Time

I went to Costco yesterday to re-purchase two Canon A1200 digital cameras. At the spectacular price of $69 each and the features I wanted they were simply a must have. This price is at least $10 less than I could find anywhere else. They are to replace the shipment I had ordered online and supposedly […]

Fund a Mental

I love playing with words and concepts. My friend Judy once remarked on my remark able ability to create so creatively! That and an innate sense of pattern that has served me quite well with rhythm and rhyme and algorithm too. As I was born under a lucky star and with a shirt on my […]

Blind Sighted!

After the fact it is easy to say “I saw that coming!”. I have lived through so many tragedies that I wonder how the world manages to survive. Is it our collective belief that it absolutely has to that allows for us to continue? The big lie is what I call WWD2 (World Wide Depression […]

No Lives Left

A few days ago as I walked from the supermarket I began to instantly sweat. The transition from ice box to oven took place rapidly! Near the edge of the sidewalk I spied a large black shape. It came up over the edge and as my right foot smashed it into a splattered pool I […]

Grandpa’s Day

This is Grandpa Ivan Constantine Chopoff. It was told to me that he went to a secluded monastery when he was very young. It was so secluded that one could only access it via a rope that was lowered down to bring up or send down people and supplies. Later he joined the Russian Orthodox […]

Blogger’s Block!

What to do? Oh whatever can I do? It seems I’ve said it all. Everything that I have wished to touch upon has been covered. I have even found an instance of repeating a blog title. Of course the meat of the blogs themselves are quite well chewed and now I am finding tons of […]

It Seems Faster!

I have put so much time into analyzing Skyrim that an analogy has sprung to mind. Perhaps you have heard it said that as you get older time goes faster. Somewhere I saw an estimate that by the time you are 60 it is going by twice as fast. My analogy is the time it […]

So Psykhic Physick

I listened to several different versions of Fortune Teller before changing the title of this blog. Mostly because I am trying to convey a very simple idea that all of science is based on. The ability to predict the future. This would mostly be in physics dealing with the physical but any statistically significant repeatable […]