Happy Birthday Geary!


I spoke with my friend Cyrous the other day. He has spent some time in Mexico with a lass with which he is having an on again off again relationship. We have yet to celebrate my birthday and will do so after I return from Puerto Rico to investigate all business opportunities available to me. This is perhaps the longest I have ever allowed my birthday to be celebrated but am willing to accommodate any and all who are kind enough to spend time with me.

My picture on left was taken at Wok Star because Jenny could not leave her place of employ, so I agreed to have it there. It was a small happy event joined by Linda, Maggie and Maggie’s two girls. There was laughter and too much food with both girls showering me in creative drawings made on the spot. A big thank you to Jenny who gave me the media to copy and now I have this wonderful photo that I cropped to use on my profile in Facebook.

Just a thought, having seen Departures I now wish those involved would make the other obvious movie, Arrivals. The name of the first was explained to be an error in one of the Japanese characters of the ad run in a newspaper that brought Diago to the corpse preparing company. However in English a movie called Arrivals seems to be a natural. It should concern itself about people delivering babies outside of a hospital. Midwife use to be a profession. Now delivering babies is hidden behind the walls of delivery rooms and performed by an obstetrician. But every now and then a baby will be born outside of a hospital.

There is a Japanese ceremony that occurs on day 7 after birth. Newborn is given a first name which is written in kanji. Then a blessing by elders is given with great respect to properly welcome baby to our world.

My own view on celebrating our day of birth is that it is our way of facing death and saying I am still in the battle! But it is a battle that nearly always ends in dying before going to heaven. Even Jesus Christ died on a cross before coming back and going to heaven. If you are of Christian belief that is a bleak message.

To me it was well said in Departures that death is a gateway through which we all must pass to enter a different kind of life. Where once through we are reunited with our loved ones who have gone through before us. My heart desperately wishes this to be true. It feels right. There is evidence from those having near-death experiences that they met with deceased loved ones only to be told it was not their time to join them and reluctantly returned here.

Thus it is a both a victory and a joy to hear those words, “Happy Birthday Geary!”.