You Cry Like a Baby

DeparturesYesterday I watched Departures. It is an Academy award winning picture from Japan. Though it revolves around death what struck me most is how much life it exudes. Being alone while I watched it allowed me to wail like a child. In fact thinking about how I use to cry as a child reminded me of my papa who would often call me a cry-baby and moon-face. That along with the beatings and I wonder how any love for him survived. It helped to know he really loved us. A bell was struck during a ceremony and it reminded me of a dream I had when I was young and wishing to walk through a wall. In my dream I was lucid and aware I now had the power to do so. As I proceeded to slip my atoms through those of the wall separating me from outdoors and at the exact second I was one with the wall a clear ding of a bell resounded and startled me! But then I was on the other side. In Departures it rang and was of the same quality but at a slightly different note than the one I remember from nearly 50 years ago. It made me wonder about a link.

Let me impress on you to have a new box of tissues ready as I definitely finished one off and started another before Departures was done. I was torn and upset. The loudness of my voice astonished me. I had not cried like that in over a half century! The next scene would start and I would think wow I’m glad I got that out of my system only to find another reason to let the tears flow and the fluids in my nose clog up so that I was gasping for breath with my mouth much like the koi or goldfish do in big mouthed gulps. I tell you this because it was so unusual. Will you have the same experience watching a foreign film by reading its subtitles? I cannot say, though I am confident that the beauty of the film and the people in it must come across as it won its many awards for good reason.

When was the last time something made you cry like a baby?