Cinco de Mayo!

feliz-cinco-de-mayoMost times I try to find clever twists on title and ending. Then again sometimes a title is just a title. Sure it does not fit the style of my blog but that is life. We are going through changes. There is absolutely no way we can maintain our lifestyle on what SS is going to pay. Even upon waiting to 66 the amount gotten represents something barely able to pay a month’s rent let alone the mortgage. So while Mexicans celebrate their victory, I sit and ponder a future based on scarcity.

Fortunately I still have my mental acuity. Nor am I imprisoned by our country’s ever more draconian interpretation of our Constitution causing a loss of many of our rights and insulting our ability as a people to govern ourselves. We are not done leaving our mark even though many of us are already gone. What few remain continue to do our best to make this a better world. It does not take much, but it does require action. The sum of all those local actions can be an impressive change in how we all live.

Cinco de Mayo does indeed mark a Mexican military victory over the invading French army on May 5, 1862, but it’s celebrated more in the United States because in 1862, U.S. Latinos of Mexican heritage parlayed the victory as a rallying cry that the Union could also win the Civil War.

The quote is from Hayes-Bautista who has researched and written about the origins of Cinco de Mayo and how eventually big business turned it into just a silly excuse to celebrate and for which they could sell more beer and party items. I am all for fun and celebration! However we should do our best to not lose our hard fought for rights in the process. Feliz Cinco de Mayo!