May I

MayVYesterday was the 1st of May. Unlike the 1st of April there is no tomfoolery associated with that date. Soon there will be Cinco de Mayo or May 5. A date celebrated by Mexicans everywhere. That is most fitting for what Shakespeare calls the merry, merry month of May.

For me it represents the official end of celebrating my birthday and a boring return to reality. I have put arduous study into Skyrim and have arrived at the conclusion that there is little originalFairMaiden left to do other than exploring the darker side and becoming a thief. Something that is perhaps the embodiment of evil. More so than just plain murder. But that distracts from my intent to concentrate on merriment!

I have done the dark side before but am finding it difficult to do so in Skyrim. There is great challenge in becoming a thief. I am reluctant to try because Skyrim missed on doing justice to the warrior. I tried to live true to the D&D days and be a true knight. But one cannot do so in Skyrim without relying on magic and potions. There is no way to survive against mage without the aid of magic. Nor is there a way to survive certain dungeons without the aid of potions.

So as I wind down my final analysis I turn my efforts back to examining my own reality. It is all changing as I bring my current business to a certain conclusion. We begin in earnest preparing for a retirement we both deserve. Our own festivities start by the middle of this month. We will do our best to make it as merry a month of May as we can and join all those already celebrating its festivities.

We will laugh! We will dance! Please join in by simply asking “May I?”!