Month: May 2012

Day For A Memory

All it takes to make a blog entry is a little bit of focus. A theme to hang a few paragraphs on. It helps if the individual paragraphs are related to each other in some understandable way. Those are my thoughts as I compose a memory from my father, Ivan Chopoff. Yesterday was Memorial Day. […]

The Words

The observant among you will have noticed my absence in the past few weeks. Betty and I have been to Puerto Rico for mostly business. We are looking forward to that time of life that is called retirement. But much as a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly by entering a chrysalis, so too does it […]

Happy Birthday Geary!

I spoke with my friend Cyrous the other day. He has spent some time in Mexico with a lass with which he is having an on again off again relationship. We have yet to celebrate my birthday and will do so after I return from Puerto Rico to investigate all business opportunities available to me. […]

You Cry Like a Baby

Yesterday I watched Departures. It is an Academy award winning picture from Japan. Though it revolves around death what struck me most is how much life it exudes. Being alone while I watched it allowed me to wail like a child. In fact thinking about how I use to cry as a child reminded me […]

Cinco de Mayo!

Most times I try to find clever twists on title and ending. Then again sometimes a title is just a title. Sure it does not fit the style of my blog but that is life. We are going through changes. There is absolutely no way we can maintain our lifestyle on what SS is going […]

Get It While You Can

Today I officially submitted a request to begin my benefits from Social Security. There is still the detail of providing the proof but it has begun. I am joining all the other Baby Boomers in sucking that teat dry. Even the SS agency itself is reporting potential problems for as near as 10 years from […]

May I

Yesterday was the 1st of May. Unlike the 1st of April there is no tomfoolery associated with that date. Soon there will be Cinco de Mayo or May 5. A date celebrated by Mexicans everywhere. That is most fitting for what Shakespeare calls the merry, merry month of May. For me it represents the official […]