Its Missing, Its Lost!

ItsLostLast night I went to my room to get my special 360 XBOX USB Flash Drive to offload some data unto. It was not where it was suppose to be. Nor is it in any other likely spot. I checked twice and more in some places where it just should have been. How very annoying. It is a shame that my first thought is that it was stolen. I’ve misplaced other things before. Of course I also thought they too were stolen! But then I managed to find them later in a most inappropriate place! That’s probably what happened to that special XBOX USB 16GB Flash drive as well. So I have already ordered a replacement but I am still annoyed.

What I have been robbed of is my time. It took time to look and determine that it was not just misplaced. It took time to accept it was lost. Then more time to order its replacement. All too is annoying.

Of course I can save a bit of time next time by just accepting if its missing, its lost!