HALThey have become ubiquitous. Those cameras that are watching you are everywhere. It is as if we are on a massive campaign to eliminate quantum strangeness. Some have even been empowered to issue tickets. They capture a detail regarding your property during a ticket-able offense and send you the owner a bill that must be paid. Someday they will be aware as HAL. Unfortunately even today there is no escaping their manifestation of paranoia. It is the beast with a billion eyes.

This physical reality or universe that they observe and record is at times amusing.

Yes they are there because we live in a queer universe. Our human race is desperately trying to brute force a physical universe into existence. But no matter how many cameras are installed and in all the directions that they point, there is always some place where one can escape their cumulative view.

One can easily collapse the wave-front of reality by having it observe!