Only a Game?

Only-A-GameMy analysis of Skyrim is nearly done. There is only the dark side that needs to be explored but I’ve already inadvertently done some of that already. My curiosity has gotten the better of me and thus Fri-Duh is now a thief and a murderer. She was very honorable and is still helpful but there is no escaping the consequences of her actions other than taking a time machine back to before her brief excursion into the dark side began.

Meanwhile I continue to celebrate my birthday with perhaps the last such happening today. My sister Nina has offered to make me some lunch and has a birthday card that should have gotten to me sooner, but makes for a good excuse to celebrate yet one more time.

Earlier this week I got a Facebook message from Cindy and we met at Wok Star yesterday  for lunch (if you guessed it was to celebrate my birthday you’re right!). I haven’t seen her since last year and she is still in the process of becoming a dental assistant or something like that. She told me her oldest girl is now bigger and stronger than her. The house they have recently moved into is small but adequate. She says she now spends more time at home and finds a real joy in cooking.

Getting back to my analysis of Skyrim there is one thing I find immensely pleasing as well as frustrating. It is the way things unfold in real-time allowing one to become totally involved in what is going on. However one is also able to suspend that reality and go into this super mode of deciding how to fix what is wrong while the virtual world is suspended in time. Nearly dead? Take a health potion. Being roasted by a dragon? Take a fire resist potion. Wrong weapon in hand? Switch rapidly from dagger to bow or mace or any of a myriad of weapons with enhanced effects that can quickly incapacitate your opponent.

Perhaps the most significant insight is the one dealing with money. Nearly everything in the game has some worth. However you can only carry so much. Also time is valuable. So I developed the 10X rule. Only if an object is valued at 10 times its weight will I pick it up. Even so I have come across dungeons with so much valuable loot that at times I review all that I am carrying and toss out anything below 20X. The exception to this rule is daggers. Because it takes little to enhance them with magic and dramatically increase their value I will hold unto them along with all my other treasures.

It is clear that I want god-like powers. That I manage my time and effort to maximize the money made and experience gained in the time spent. If only I could do the more god-like things in real life. Who could have foreseen that one can learn such valuable lessons from something that is only a game?