Excuse Me

EmbarrassedWe are a most polite society. There is all manner of speech dealing with skirting around whatever real issue is at stake. Some call this small talk. It is polite and proper to show an interest in your prospective client before getting down to business. In fact it is considered quite rude in a ruthless sort of way to just start off talking about business.

My first thought in starting this blog is of all the excuses I have made in my life. Why is it I was trained to apologize so much? Someone instilled this habit into me. Though it must have been my parents I do not recall an actual instance of being trained to be polite. However there are vague memories of being prodded to do the right thing.

Are we so desperate to be living in a rational world that it drives us to both provide a reason and plead for forgiveness as in “Please, excuse me but…(fill in a reason)”? This is nearly mandatory as an opening speech for being late. But it is also appropriate for nearly any other embarrassment we have had in our life.

I believe we do this because we are irrational. So much so that we have created the art of the apology. I am sorry but we are just not logical. We are driven more by emotion than logic. None of us could ever really be Vulcan. Illogic and the need to be excused defines us as human. Keeping all that I have said in mind I give my parting remark, just in case I have offended you with anything I have rattled on about in this or any other of my blogs, “Well, excuse me!”.