My Lucky Day!

BlackCatMy Saturday the 14th (think Friday the 13th) curse has struck again. I was hopeful that because it was my birthday I would not have to suffer it this time. However I made my way into a parking spot by crossing oncoming traffic (which itself was stopped because of someone parking) and right after I pulled in got that cheerful Whoop-Beep from a cop on a motorcycle indicating I had done something wrong. I asked him “Officer is it now illegal to turn into a parking spot?”. To which he informed me that in a business district like the one I was apparently in it was illegal to make a left turn to enter a diagonal parking space meant for traffic in opposite direction. In fact he said that was a U-turn offense. However the ticket was for:

              NO LEFT OR U-TURN”

Which does not anywhere indicate how I violated any law. Nor did I see a sign declaring that I was in a business district and more importantly there was no sign indicating “No Left Turn to Park”. As far as I know a “No Left or U-turn” is indicating the flow of traffic unto another street (or same street but opposite direction in case of U-turn) and typically at an intersection.

Here is the California Vehicle Code in toto:

21461.  (a) It is unlawful for a driver of a vehicle to fail to obey
a sign or signal defined as regulatory in the federal Manual on
Uniform Traffic Control Devices, or a Department of Transportation
approved supplement to that manual of a regulatory nature erected or
maintained to enhance traffic safety and operations or to indicate
and carry out the provisions of this code or a local traffic
ordinance or resolution adopted pursuant to a local traffic
ordinance, or to fail to obey a device erected or maintained by
lawful authority of a public body or official.
   (b) Subdivision (a) does not apply to acts constituting violations
under Chapter 9 (commencing with Section 22500) of this division or
to acts constituting violations of a local traffic ordinance adopted
pursuant to Chapter 9 (commencing with Section 22500).

This is by itself a very vague code and in my mind not something one can actually beNoLeftOrU-Turn charged with by itself. There is no other code cited on the ticket. The comment “NO LEFT OR U-TURN” implies the sign which the officer thinks I violated. But he did not cite exactly what code it is that I had violated which 21461(a) supposedly supports. This seems like good news for me in which case it was indeed my lucky day!