What Gets Done

WhatGetsDone-Isaac_Asimov_on_ThroneI look at my blog entries and realize that once again a lot of time is passing between blogs. Most of this time is consumed with a deep and thorough analysis of Skyrim. It is far from a perfect RPG but already is acknowledged as the best of the best. Being that it is so complex there are the occasional freezes and odd occurrences like objects that should be there disappearing from view but still selectable if you scan that area.

However those issues are minor and with way too many hours invested in being a mostly good character (the game forces you to kill and steal) I follow the righteous path as much as possible. Analysis two will deal with following the path of pure evil. But already I stray from my topic!

Part of it is these blogs. No amount of intent gets one written and posted. Only the actual act of creating, writing and publishing makes it appear before you. It is a measure of accomplishment regardless of their content. It however pales in the presence of the works of Isaac Asimov who was epic prolific! He will no doubt be remembered as the father of robotics.

That there is more that I can accomplish in my own life sets a goal. It is never too late to aspire. However no amount of intent can replace what gets done.