You Missed

YouMissedAs I look at the calendar I realized that somewhere along the way I missed a day. I woke up thinking this is the 7th but it is actually the 8th of April. At least I got the Sunday part correct! Then I went through my emails and found a comment from my far away and thus no longer physically present friend basically pointing out what I do best is deal with solutions. This means I avoid dwelling on those things I can do little or nothing about. Yes I in fact have experienced at one time or another all the negative emotions but in my case I attempt to do my best to minimize and channel them into something that will aid me with my life. However I am not superman. My heart is moved to tears with stories like Hugo which are predictable but still worthwhile to watch for the acting. It is also moved to tears when I feel sorry for myself as I did all too often in my youth.

In my life I have seen people close to me dwell far too much on the negative. Some went so far as to give up on life and do drugs and live off the teat of the welfare system. Someone else close to me let her and her family be destroyed by a marriage that dissolved in a vile pool of hatred.

Once in my life I was without work and decided to visit the local welfare office. My short experience there basically fortified my ambition to always be self reliant. It was disgusting to be in the presence of people who gave off an unpleasant aura which accompanied a most abhorrent odor. None of those present obviously having any intent or desire to fend for themselves.

There are numerous examples of what has shaped my beliefs and opinions. One of them is that April is my month to contemplate where I am and where I wish to be. Thus it is a time of looking at what is missing from my life and planning on how to rectify the situation. I can do little about my age. So I concentrate on my health. Nor can I do much about seeing friends who are no longer here. So I spend my time with those that are. There is too little time in a day so I do my best to put it all to good use. Failing that I at least attempt to enjoy what time I do spend.

All of this is my round about way of suggesting that you too should go on with your lives. Remember your successes. Then contemplate on rectifying what you missed.