Gamer Solution!


The world has problems and we gamers have your solutions. While it is true we actively participate in games more so than anything more meaningful like real life, we do care about the world. I was struck by this thought both by a TED speech by Jane McGonigal as well Skyrim asking me why I would want to kill a major villain and offering this as one of the multiple choices:

“I like this world and do not wish to see it destroyed!”

It was an deep insight as to why we should strive to do more in our lives than just escape it. The world as we know it will come to an end without our united attempts to prevent it. Bad enough that it will end soon enough for each and everyone of us. So we need to do this for our children and even those without children, for their relatives and friends. What we do can benefit all of mankind.

We have tried everything else to save and change the world. Don’t be a mushroom. It is high time for us to join together and evoke the Gamer Solution!